Urban life post Corona Virus

Haneda airport before social topic
It's a picture of Haneda airport before. Now is a totally different circumstances. I hope it's back soon like this picture.

Corona Virus devastates human social life. It is an unseen view in Tokyo that you can see. The sight seen area and commerce center is not crowded. The emergency state in Japan is totally different from those of the other countries’. But still you can see the differences in Tokyo day by day.

This article would like to say that how to change the life in urban area after the corona virus crisis.
On this time, 2 points are taken by this article. One is the value of real estate in urban area, especially huge building which has been constructing in TOKYO. The other is what is smart transportation in Urban area.

This topic would have a worth to read because of being from TOKYO. Tokyo is a unique city compared to the other city. Japan basically depends on Tokyo too much. Osaka is one of the biggest city in Japan, but efficient of any aspects like law, trend, culture and information is much smaller than Tokyo. It is said little too much, but we can say that you can see the future of urban life in Japan when you check the one of Tokyo.


The value of real estate in urban area post corona virus

This is a very big issue because it effects a lot to the economy. Huge buildings, especially commerce building, are supposed to be value less than people imagine because working style have to be changed by corona virus whose example is remote work. This was just a idea or future story before. So people dose not pay attention to it, even though technology can make it real. Actually 98% people believe that the old custom of working does not changed. The character of Japanese people are basically conservative. They do not like changing, especially daily routine like working.

However, the corona virus forces people change their minds to do everything. Say it again, especially working style. At least this article can say that it is very very old fashion working in almost company in Japan. Even though a huge company has a big budget, they do not put it onto the system or custom. By the corona virus, people have to stay at home but also work at home. Technically it can be done than before years. Now it is being proven. Of course, it is not adjusted to all company, actually it confuses many companies. But no pain, no gain. It is on the way. Then it can be a new style of working.

If this is adjusted to a lot of company, do they need to rent a huge office? do they have to be in center of TOKYO, which is the highest rent fee area in the world?

Nevertheless, Tokyo is being restructured for years. You can see many constructions in Tokyo like developing country. Japanese birth rate is decreasing and the way to work have to be changing. It is very doubtful that huge commerce building in Tokyo can show the value as much as now near the future.

What is the smart transportation in urban are?

Individual value can be expressed and accepted by the society easily by the progression of technology. So former commuting style is getting worthless, which is just getting in a messed train in every morning. The working style and commuting depends on the each individual’s. The former way to going to workplace is stressful too much and high risk of getting sick and another trouble. In addition to that, commuting time is unstable by the train, the value of time in the morning is very high though.

Then this article put an attention to the Bicycle and Moto. Moto means motor cycle, by the way. In urban life, you can move faster by bicycle and Moto than train about 5 to 15km from home to work place because bicycle and Moto dose not been effected by the traffic situation a lot. It is not only the commuting time, but also you can release stress by commute as a exercise. The present working circumstances is stressed more than before. So how to release the stress is one of the important factor that you can show your performance good. Moto is not exercise but you can avoid the stressed situation.

If it becomes true, the function of big city can be shown more than before. For example, less stressed train situation in the morning, people move much more, two income family can be functioned more and so on.

Of course, there are some risk to take bicycle or moto commuting. It is like traffic accident, flat tire trouble, parking space and so on.

End of the article

So people have to think and choose which is better for the future. This article believe that Japan should take a change for the progressive society. It is said like that Japan lose 30 years by economics.
Still there are no atmosphere in Japan or in Tokyo before corona virus crisis. Ironically, people in Tokyo have to think and choose how to live in urban life by corona virus.

Some takes new ways to live in Tokyo, some goes to another place from Tokyo.

We cannot see the future unfortunately. But we can imagine it. So let’s imagine the life of urban life with this article.