What is a symbolic statue of Japan? Prime Minister? NO, one of them is Manga or Game character.

YOWAMUSHI PEDAL social topic
This is the Manga that gets big hit recently, YOWAMUSHI PEDAL, cycling story. I hope that it makes real cycling industry vigorous in Japan and the world.

It is a kind of important issue in Japan. I think that Prime minister ,Abe, is known as a Japanese Prime minister in the world. He has been PM for long years and there are some topics to know him, like Olympic games and so on.

But before PM Abe, I am not sure that Japanese politician can show their presence to the world. They are the representatives of Japan. It is kind of sad story.

Then who shows the presence of Japan to the world?

This time on the blog takes this topic. One of the answer is Manga and game on this time.


The heroes from Manga and game.

It is very difficult to define who is the heroes from Manga and game. Especially manga’s history is, because it has a long history, like a century. So it depends on the each individuals’ memory. In like my generations, it must be GOKU from Dragon Ball, Sakuragi from Slum Dunk, Kenshin from Rurouni Kenshin, Tsubasa from Captain Tsubasa, Conan from Detective Conan and so on.

On the other hand, game has a heroes too. Like Mario brothers, POKI MON, Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Rockman, and so on.

These character and story are taken between the kids chatting in the school. Manga is issued once in a week. A lots of kid look forward to reading next episode. Manga culture are taken over by each generations in Japan. It is not a exaggeration that you can see and understand unseen Japanese personality and spirit from Manga.

Manga and game’s presence in Japan now and long time ago

Manga and game’s presence in Japan becomes bigger now. They has a huge economic power and the generation who grows with manga and game becomes main consumer in Japan. So you can see a lot of advertising which includes manga and games character. It can’t be happened like 20 or 30 years ago.

Basically manga and game was looked down before in Japan. The adult in 80’s or 90’s think that manga and game affects the kids bad because they are just addicted and spoil the time to study and learn. There are nothing to learn from them, they think. Unfortunately, manga and game’s presence were very low for a long time.

But manga and game export to the world, I guess it’s late 90’s. Of course, it did before. In 90’s, it started seriously. Then as you know, it gets popular very fast. Some of the character becomes much more popular than Japanese think. Then old people change their minds gradually. Here is the one of the symbol of manga and game presence being big that PM Abe costume MARIO brothers in the finale of RIO Olympic games. It was a completely over the minds that old like over 60 years mimic game character’s costume.

The example of impact of Manga

Here is the funny and real story in Spain. There is a manga whose story is football, Captain Tsubasa. This story is really really famous in the world. One of the kids who is the football prodigy grow up with their friends and rivals. The early part of story is a kid. But years and years, they grow like an adult. Then some of the character goes to European team in the story. It must be said again that it is a manga’s story.

Back to the story of Captain Tsubasa, Tsubasa, who is the main character of the manga, goes to FC Barcelona. He is the first Japanese player of FC Barcelona in the history. But as I keep saying, it’s manga. But the executives of Real Madrid FC officially accused that why Tsubasa goes to FC Barcelona. Even though it is manga story, Tsubasa’s presence becomes so huge that causes it.

So many real football player says that they like and are affected by the story. It’s not only to the Japanese player but also to the player all over the world. What a huge power it is.

This blog wishes

There is a manga which takes cycle road race, YOWAMUSHI Pedal, now. It gets popular more and more for years, even though cycle road race is not such a popular sports in Japan like football and baseball. In addition to that, cycling manga is not so many as other sports before. It is a big hits in the cycling industry.

So this blog’s wishes is that Yowamuchi pedal would be like Captain Tsubasa which gives a huge impact to the kid all over the world. If it happens, we can expect 2 things.

One is that some cyclist who would be a champion of the tour de France or giro de italia or so says that grow with the story. Two is that cycling existence in Japan grows much better. Almost all Japanese does not know even what a cycle road race is. They just see the cycle road race as one of the KEIRIN, which is inside race and completely different.

The power of manga and game.

As mentioned above, manga and game has a huge power now. It can be a great thing to show and be known Japan. Some of the character is known already as much as TOYOTA. This blog recommend that you read manga and play game. It is one of the easiest way to see Japanese culture and philosophy and learn Japanese.