Matsuri!! the spirit of TOKYO

Matsuri social topic

Hello world from rodan cycle!!

I believe that you can be moved by seeing Matsuri alive in TOKYO.

Matsuri is a local religious event in Japan. Each region’ have each
style of Matsuri.

In Tokyo, most popular style is that people walking around the town
with shouldering the moving shrine.

Even though Japanese typical image is no talk, no face, you must be
surprised by that Japanese say a loud by their voices when Matsuri is held.

It must be an interesting event for you. Let’s see.


What is the Matsuri

Matsuri is an even of local religion, SHINTOH. There are so many kinds of
Matsuri in whole Japan.

Here is a good example to understand that agricultural Matsuri is held after harvest season for appreciating to the GOD that gives us farm products a lot.

So it is not like exciting event. It is a simple praying for the GOD.
It seems like being similar to your typical Japanese image.

But Matsuri in Tokyo looks different. It’s more like rock and roll
gig. Of course, it’s holy event. But very exciting.

If you have an image that Japanese are always silent and calm,
actually that is true. However, this is an only exceptional.

So many people crash and tackle each other like American football.
I am sure that you can be excited and get fun.

You can see an another personality of Japanese on this event.
Maybe this is the one of the easiest way to see

what the Japanese character is.

When can I see Matsuri in Tokyo

Basically Matsuri is held in Spring (early summer) or Autumn.

It is the most busiest season is on Spring like May. Actually, I cannot

tell you the reason Matsuri is held on Spring a lot. You can guess that

there are many days which are fine on May, not a rainy season in Japan.

If you have a plan to go to Tokyo and May is not a busy for you, that would be
very lucky. Your plan must be May!!

If you would like to go to another place in Japan, you don’t have to worry

about the season. But if it’s Tokyo, May is the one of the best season!!

the 3 representative Matsuri in Tokyo and more

There is a big 3 Matsuri in Tokyo.

1, Kanda Matsuri

2, Sannou Matsuri

3, Fukagawa Matsuri

These Matsuri have been held for like 400 years. Wow it’s very long history.

But here is fanny story. It’s not official decision to select 3 Matsuri by nation or

Tokyo government. So these 3 are told like that generally, but not officially.

Some people don’t think that way. People can say another Matsuri must be in big 3.

1, Kanda Matsuri

Kanda Matsuri is held by Kanda Jinja which is a god of Guard of EDO, Tokyo’s old name.

Kanda Matsuri is also selected to Japan Big 3 Matsuri. It is held on 2nd weekend May.

As it’s written above, Tokyo Matsuri’s exciting thing is that people walk around with

shouldering moving shrine. But Kanda Matsuri’s epic thing is different. It is called

huge “dashi”. “dashi” is kind of car in which God lives. Compared to moving shrine,

it is much bigger. So people don’t shoulder, drag with grabbing fat loop.

2, Sannou Matsuri

Sannou Matsuri is held by Hiei jinja. This is an outstanding topic of Sannou Matsuri.

The area is very huge. Hiei jinja is in Akasaka Tokyo. It covers almost aroung Empire

Palace. If you don’t have a lot of time, you don’t have to go to Hiei jinja. You can find

and see it around Tokyo station which is absolutely not same area.

This is held on June. And some people say Sannou Matsuri is Japan Big 3 Matsuri

instead of Kanda Matsuri.

3, Fukagawa Matsuri

Fukagawa Matsuri is held by Tomioka Hachiman. What is the epic thing is splashing

water to moving shrine. It is very characteristic. I have never seen it at any other place

in Japan. Moving shrine is a kind of house of GOD. Is it good for it? I don’t know.

But it’s very interesting. There is obvious different from former 2 Matsuri. Fukagawa

is not directed by Governor in old time. It is directed by public people.

It is held on August. It must be very very hot. You don’t have to bring your water.

They serves.

Another famous one

You have to check them out, because probably these are much more exciting

Matsuri in Tokyo. It is from Asakusa, which is east part of Tokyo. Now there are

many places you can play around in Tokyo like Shibuya, Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, Shinagawa

and so on. But old time Asakusa was biggest one. So Asakusa’s Matsuri can be said

Tokyo’s face!!

Asakusa’s Matsuri is held on May.

1, Sanja Matsuri

It is a biggest event in Asakusa. You can see loud and exciting moment in Sanja Matsuri.

It is held by Asakusa jinja, which is almost same place in Sensouji.

2, Torigoe Matsuri

You can see a biggest moving shrine in Tokyo. I am sorry for my weak vocabulary.

It’s really huge. You must see it. It is held by Torigoe jinja. It’s between Asakusa and


3, Shitaya Matsuri

It is a fast Matsuri in Asakusa. It is also very excited Matsuri.


well this is an article of Matsuri in Tokyo. It is very important for the people in Tokyo.

Some people live for it. It is not a joke. That’s very funny.

Tokyo is one of the biggest city in the world. So it’s totally modernized.

That’s why it looks boring. There is no differences between other urban city

like New York city or London.

However there is remained old and traditional culture in Tokyo. You can still

enjoy it.