Generation crisis in Japan

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It is one of the biggest controversial social issue in Japan. It is a generation crisis that is called on this blog. Even though this must be existed on every era, this present days are much more complicated than before.

It is not such a simple that the reason and answer is provided easily. However, this blog dare to write this naive topic like this, which caused by old generation problem. This is called “ROUGAI” in Japanese.

It is a huge social problem because people over 60 years do not notice that old generation’s good historical Japanese mind becomes bad manner to society. Ironically, this corona virus can be the solution because emergency situation can make people wake up and have to change.

Let’s see the detailed.


How to categorize the generation in Japan now

Let’s see defining below.

  • 10-29years => digital native generation
  • 30-49 years => Valley generation
  • 50-59 years => bubble economy generation
  • over 60 years => the topic generation on this blog

<digital native generation>
Their character is that they are educated very well. They can think logically. So They would like to do, work and play what they want to. They don’t like unreasonable things. There is basically no gender discrimination.

<Valley generation>
They are in difficult situation. They are between a digital native and bubble economy generation. They have to catch up digital native, but also get along with bubble generation for having good society or organization like company. That’s why this generation lose their mental health easily.
Gender discrimination does not exist, but some women go to home.

<bubble economy generation>
They know they are on the edge how to live. Most of all lose their motivation for working or doing something because they can’t forget about the bubble economy situation. But they completely notice they have to change their mind because their life keep at least 20 years. They notice that they have to learn new things for their left life.
There is gender discrimination. Equal employment opportunity law is acted on their generation, but it is rare that women educated well enough.

<Over 60 years>
This generation is the issued on this blog. It could be exaggerated that Japan’s core problem in society moving forward. But it’s true. They believe their successful way to do anything and do not think their retirement. They even don’t hand over their power.
This generation is completely man world. Some women do not have a chance higher education.

Japan is a one of the country that old people lives very long in the world. So it is not rare that over 80 person still work hard. There is a good aspect that people on every generation enjoyed living by themselves in Japan. Actually it was good, now it is changing. This uncertain era makes this kind of good culture aspect really bad.

What happened in Japan by generation crisis?

Each generation people can work and exercise their right in Japan. That cause something bad communication between different generations. Basically people in younger generation can’t say anything and just accept what people in old generation. It used to be a kind of common sense among people in Japan. The way to think is based on the experience. Old must have more experience. The oldies is always right, even if it is not right.

But time, things and people change. The present days is unstable days that the past successful experience can’t be accepted by the new technology. It looks like that a drowning man will clutch at a straw. Japan is struggling to keep society progress. But it looks like that old generation people stop it.

Why does this happened in Japan? It’s a typical Japanese character.

The reason that this is happened in Japan is that old people believe that their experience must be kept and they don’t need to accept new technology. Even though a new technology can reduce 90% off from the past way to do, but they are uncomfortable to accept it. Then there are so many legacy items in the working place like fax, analogue stamp and so on. They do not challenge to use a new things, like smartphone, digital management systems and so on. Especially invisible device like application is a good example.

So younger Japanese try to act a movement now. In 10 years ago or more, graduated student usually try to go to a huge and famous company. But now they try to launch their business by themselves on the internet or go to start up company because the communication at the big company looks like wasting their time and losing their opportunity. One of the Japanese typical character is silence or to be said no conflict with anyone. So they don’t fight, they just go to another field. Cynically, some old people don’t notice.

You can see a lot of topics on the newspaper or TV news that it is one of the social problem that young working men and women are shorten to be hired. But it’s not right. There are enough younger generation in Japan. They just don’t choose old customs to work.

Are there any solution to that?

This is a tough topic. As it is said, old people do not notice this circumstances. Some start to notice it, but not enough. It is one of sad and irony that corona virus could cause people, especially old, wake up. They have to change their mind to keep society in Japan progress and happy.