The transportation system in Tokyo must be rebuild for cyclist, no, car first.

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Tokyo has a huge potential to improve. But there are so many obstacles. Transportation system is one of them.

Tokyo is one of the biggest city in the world. So it is supposed to be very busy and traffic. According to this web site, which is into cycling very much, cycling road must be designed and constructed much better now.

However, even this blog, road itself and traffic system for car must be reconstructed first. It’s inconvenient but it is too difficult to do it because of too much big topic as a financial and development scale.

Anyway, let’s see what the improvement must be achieved. 


Population density is too high in a small area

Tokyo is a very small area. Especially, special 23 wards’ area is not such a big city like Los Angles, Shanghai and so on. By the way, Tokyo can be divided by 2 area, special 23 ward and the other.

But population was exploded for 2 century, which was when Tokyo became a capital city in the history. Let’s see how the population of Tokyo grows. According to Tokyo metropolitan government, population of Tokyo is 3.7 million in the 1920. Then it grew gradually, but decline rapidly during World War 2. As a statistics, the population return to the number of 1920 in 1945.

But it was very first to grow again. The population became approximately 12 million in the 1970. Then growing speed has gotten slow until 2000. Now it is about 13.5 million in the 2015.

In addition to that, people living in the 3 prefectures next to Tokyo go in and out in every week day. Tokyo’s area dimension is approx 2,100 km2. It’s even approx 600km2 in the special 23 wards in Tokyo.

It is kind of unbelievable number in a small area. Actually we can say that it is really great to save the traffic accident under the number happened. But can you believe that this can be forever? We don’t think so. It’s too much population in a small area. It could be over the control to manage the traffic. Or the function and productivity of Tokyo declines.

It’s a Japanese document. It’s from the Tokyo metro government.

The traffic system keeps being just complicated.

The traffic system keeps being just complicated. Among the population grows highly, former Olympic games in Tokyo was the one of the biggest event that the transportation system constructed.

People in the era, think that is a kind of symbol that Tokyo status is promoted to be higher rank of the city. Actually that was so. They just put every function into Tokyo too much. The people who planned to create a kind of new Tokyo in the era, did not have enough imagination to traffic system and functions.

In fact, there are too much signals on the road. You can see signal within some seconds in some area. So car, walker, cyclist….actually everyone is not flowed smoothly nowadays.

* Tokyo metropolis:

same rule and restriction to almost all places in Tokyo.

In addition to that, there is not adequate restriction which what kind of car or track is permitted to go or not. According to the ordinary people, almost vehicle can go everywhere. So that makes annoying people on the walk, cycle, driver each other. You can see a track on the tiny road.

Maybe it was right for some time ago. But government should reconstructed the rule and restriction of traffic for improving the function and productivity of the city because IT tech improves and be reliable much more compared 10 years ago.


Before going to finale, it would be pleasure to introduce this article.

Tokyo face a big change or revolution now. Especially the function and flow of the city is the one of the most important factor. On this blog, Tokyo looks like being to stick to the former way to manage the city. But everything changes very first in the recent era. Tokyo must be adjusted these trend, because Tokyo is the city of symbol of Japan.

Then this blog would like to say that traffic system for car must be changed and improved first.