Tokyo, the biggest food industry’s city in the world

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Food business in Tokyo is sited on this article.

There are some fascinating aspects in Tokyo. You can see a modern and traditional architecture, art and music, cultural event and so on. However, it is the easiest way to see what Japan and Japanese is through Eating food.

Let’s see what it is,shall we?


Statistical Data

First of all, let’s see the statistical data, which shows how many restaurants in the each cities.

<top Five cities in the world>

1, Tokyo Japan approx 150,000 restaurants
2, Seoul South Korea approx 83,000 restaurants
3, Shenzhen China approx 60,000 restaurants
4, Paris France approx 45,000 restaurants
5, Bogota Colombia approx 35,000 restaurants

This is actually surprising data, because there is not on the rank, New York City, London, Milan, Hong-Kong, Shang-hai and so on. By the way 6th is Los Angeles, 7th is New York City. In addition to that, Tokyo’s number is twice as big as Seoul’s.

Basically Japanese like to eat everything. So this data is understandable. Still it’s a huge number. Then another data is sited. It’s a population number of each cities.

<population number of each cities>

* TOKYO is 4th, approx 42,000,000 people.
* Seoul is 6th, approx 25,000,000 people.
* Shenzhen is 27th, approx 12,000,000 people.
* Paris is 9th, approx 23,000,000 people
* Bogota is 31th, approx 10,000,000 people.
By the way, the way to count population depends on the researcher, who defines where is the are of the city. The data above is from this sites(wikipedia). As far as I see, this data includes little bigger area. For example, Tokyo includes Tokyo, some of Kanagawa, some of Saitama and some of Chiba. Other cities are too.

According to the population data, population number is not necessarily related with restaurants number. It’s very interesting.

Guess what the reason is.

This attracts me why the restaurants in Tokyo are so many.

First of all, Japanese just like eating. I am so sorry about this simple reason. But it is so. If I put some spices on this reason, here it is. Japanese have a sense to see the subtle different, even though tastes like same.

For example Miso soup. It’s a just Miso soup, but there are tons of kind of Miso soup in Japan. There are red color, brown color, deep brown color and so on. This is understandable if you see the difference between different color Miso. But Japanese see the difference between same color Miso.

It means that there is no goal to find out the best tastes of their on their life. So Japanese has a passion to find it out forever.

Second is that a half of Tokyo is not Tokyo. This means how to composed of resident in Tokyo. Basically Tokyo is a very small area. An old government somehow decided to put almost all governmetal and commercial function in Tokyo. Then so many people from whole Japan went and resided in Tokyo. So there are some local Tokyo people in Tokyo. But at least half of Tokyo people are from not Tokyo.

This means that they miss their home gourmet. Some of the people from not Tokyo launch their restaurants or dining which deliver their home gourmet and liquor like Japanese sake. Now you can enjoy the tastes of each places of Japan in Tokyo.

Third is that working style and circumstances are slightly changing. Company worker stays at office very long like over 8 or 9 o’clock at the every night. So people like to eat something before going back home. On another aspect, woman would like to work as man do now. Even though the law was acted very long time ago, it is a recent topic that woman work hard in Japan. By this, it’s kind of difficult to eat dinner at home every day compared a couple of decades ago.

You can enjoy food in Tokyo, but not enough.

As you can see, food industry in Tokyo is very huge and one of the biggest reason going to Japan or Tokyo. That is sight seeing for foreign people because that saves their time.

This is completely agreed with. But it must be said that Tokyo is not enough.

If you are interested in Japan itself and Japanese culture, you have to go to the local place to eat local food. Each local foods are derived from some reason like climate or character of soil and so on. You can see the history of the food and the place.

In addition to that, you can see and enjoy the different between local one and Tokyo. For example, TAKOYAKI, which is from Osaka. Takoyaki is one of the soul food of Osaka. There are so many Takoyaki shops in Osaka, which you can enjoy each shop’s tastes. Of course, it’s in Tokyo. But it is very difficult to see the difference each shops in Tokyo.

Here is the list which you must eat and enjoy.

< the list cuisine >
* Takoyaki at Osaka
* Okonomiyaki at Osaka, Hiroshima
* Ramen whole city in Japan
* Miso katsu at Nagoya
* Each fishes at fisherman’s whalf place at harbor city.
* Epic branded beef place like Kobe, Matsuzaka, Maezawa,Yonezawa and so on.
* Kiritanpo at Akita.
* Dobujiru at Kitaibaraki.
* Udon at Kagawa.

This is an apology that all food can not be listed. But proudly it is worth to research.

This blog hopes to be help you enjoy Tokyo or some places in Japan.

Final chapter

Well, Tokyo is just a city. Looks like no fun. But food business in Tokyo must fascinate you a lot. So if you get to come to Tokyo, it is totally recommended that you check what you would like to eat or contacts your friends in Tokyo for letting them what you want to eat. This is the key factor to enjoy Tokyo!!