The king of B class Gourmet, RAMEN!!

ie kei ramen Cycling and Food
It's a real ie kei ramen. You can see fake one in the city now. You gotta check before going.

Ramen, it is a one of the greatest gourmet of Japanese cuisine. It is well known to the all over the world which means that you can get an information everywhere, real world and internet.

It looks no needs to see Ramen info on this cycling station.


You can find something new aspect of good relationship between RAMEN and Cycling. The answer is that cycling is the best way to find a good one.

OK, let’s see the belows. If you know Ramen well, you can skip Basic information.


RAMEN’s basic information

Basic taste category

Ramen is a noodle like pasta with soup, as you know. It is usually categorized by 3, SHOYU, SHIO and MISO. SHOYU and MISO is a traditional Japanese seasoning, made by soy beans. SHIO means salty taste. In my child era like 20 years ago, this 3 taste’ were major. And TONKOTSU could be added on it. TONKOTSU means white colored soup from pork bones. It is popular in Kyushu region.

Type of noodle shape

People has a each favorites of noodle shape. Ultimately it depends on the person. But usually, people from Kyushu region likes very shin and fine noodle. People from Hokkaido likes middle thickness shape noodle. Some people likes very thick and fat shape noodle which gets popular now days, I could not see it in my old memory.

Special taste category

Years and years, so many tastes comes out. Actually there were many characteristic local taste RAMEN in Japan. But not enough popular even all over Japan. Only some maniac man knows special taste. I guess it was a time that unique RAMEN got popular when the RAMEN museum opened in YOKOHAMA.

From men’s to all

Over the 20 years ago, Ramen is a men’s food. Especially blue worker like truck driver, contractor and so on likes to eat Ramen. But after the RAMEN museum, Ramen got a kind of citizenship which all kinds of people, especially women, would like to eat. Then so many people would like to try to open their Ramen shop especially in the city place. Now you can eat every local taste Ramen in TOKYO. Some of them are trained like craftsman, the other owned shop as a marketing and business. Then what happened ?

RAMEN’s inflation and its influence

I say that caused Ramen’s inflation in Japan. This is weird for the people from the world, because once the competition gets hard, the price must be lower or mega brand comes out and eat small shops. But it dose not become like that. Lots of people support small shops because their spirits to Ramen are so hot and beautiful. Of course, taste is very very very gooooood.

But as it is, this caused Ramen’s inflation. The price gets higher and higher. Long time ago like 20 or 30 years, Ramen is just a ordinary popular food. So it costs like JPY350 to 500, USD 3 to 5. 5. Now it costs like JPY1,000 to 1,400(if you put some toppings), USD 9 to 13. Here is a worse that some of the shop offer bad taste and the price like that.

OH MY GOSH!! It is like fancy lunch at Marunouchi which is one of the biggest business center in Tokyo. You could eat French or Italian lunch. Ramen industry is becoming SUSHI industry, which is very sophisticated, artistic and gorgeous food. Even though Ramen has some aspect of SUSHI, Ramen is Ramen, super B class food.

Bicycle is key transportation to find good one

As it is said so, Ramen becomes little fancy food. It’s getting hard to eat as usual.


It’s right. But some of the Ramen craftsman open their shop outside of the city or the place far from the closest train station like 20 or 30 minutes walk.

Now bicycle comes out!!

It’s very far from train and walking. Car is not bad choice, but you need to have or rent a car and find parking which some of shops does not have their’s. Bicycle is the easiest way to go to there. In addition to that, you can burn the calorie before eating. Ramen is a high calorie and very salty food. Warming up exercise is very good for you! If you can bring your own bike on your trip, that would be very great!! You can gets a lot of choices.

I guess Now you can enjoy Ramen much more. Don’t you?