Tough decision, TOKYO 2020 OLYMPIC postponement

JAPAN CUP CYCLE ROAD RACE at Utsunomiya. So far the only real race in Japan

It is decided that TOKYO 2020 OLYMPIC games are finally postponed just today. It could had been very fascinated and interesting to people all over the world. So I am so disappointed. It’s my opinion. But also I agree to the committee member’s decision because of the corona-virus affects badly to all over the world.

Before this decision, I was excited to wait to see, of course, cycle road racing. There are big 2 points of this reason.

  • Race itself
  • Getting popularity of cycle road race after the Olympic in Japan.

Of course race itself is. Basically road race can be seen without ticket, there are tickets’ seats though. I know it is a second that audience can see rider. But I don’t know that is so excited. When I went to the ” Tour de France 2013″, that was a fantastic atmosphere for me. I can’t forget about it. I expected that I could feel same thing in Japan. It is a kind of miracle, because cycle road race is very minority in Japan. It is very very very difficult to see big names and a hard competition in Japan. However, there is a only one exception. It is named “JAPAN CUP CYCLE ROAD RACE” in Utsunomiya. This is the only race that you can see the real one in Japan. I know Tour of Japan is also great race. But Pro tour teams don’t come to the race a lot. Here is a only one negative point for me of JAPAN CUP that is close to TOKYO. In addition to that, the date of it is something difficult for me to go to. I guess it’s 3rd weekend October. One of the biggest amateur race, tour de okinawa, is held at the 2nd weekend of November. Among these days, I would like to train very hard for the race. Some people goes to see Utsunomiya from Tokyo as a training. But those guys are very very strong. Anyway, I got relief that Olympic is not hold off so far. I still have a chance to see a real race in TOKYO.

I am not only person who looks forward to seeing real race in Tokyo. Substantially, there must be a lot lot lot of people too. I believe it and if it is true, people would like to see another real race after the Olympic in Tokyo too. I don’t know what I can do. But if there are something to hold cycle road race in or close to Tokyo, which hopefully town to town race, that would be so great! Actually there are many amateur cycling teams launching these days. Those activities help this movement too. Also there are new way to collect money like cloud funding. I hope those recent changing yield new movement.

I don’t know but it is very fun to imagine those things. So I am praying for holding Olympic next year 100%!!

See ya