Hello! from TOKYO

Beach at Getaria 02 自己紹介/Introduction
It's a photo at Getaria Basque region in Spain. I was with local cyclist who was very kind to me!! Gracias!!

Hello, from TOKYO. It’s been about 13 years since I started riding sports bicycle.

I bought bike for commuting at 2007. But now I basically train like 1,000-1,500km

(about 750-950miles) on a month for competing amateur race in Japan.

I have found and met a lot of good and bad thing through riding bike.

Then I would like to post my experience on the web and for someone who would like to

start sports bike or who meet obstacle to enjoy cycling. In addition to that, that would be

great if this blog helps someone who are interested in Japan and coming to Japan.

One of my discover is Japan itself. When I was young, I was fascinated by foreign culture.

So I did not see Japan and Japanese things so much. But now I enjoy to go around Japan

a lot for joining races.

Basically this blog is based on Japanese. But I will put English episodes too. I guess my

English is not such a bad to read, but you could find out awkward expression on the blog.

Please kindly point it out, I will change it better.

well, see you next.